Director's statement: The Snowman by Raymond Briggs and its animated version directed by Diane Jackson have both had a huge influence on me. I was moved by how beautifully they portrayed the loss of innocence and the beginning of adulthood, the melancholy when you realize you are left with just a memory after having lived an incredible experience. The story has stayed with me my whole life. A line could be drawn from The Snowman to Luna, an idea I’ve been playing with for many years now. I’ve always loved dance films and imagined what a love story with a pillow would look like. To me, this love story would only make sense if it was expressed through dance. “When one realizes one is asleep, at that moment one is already awake.” You realize you are dreaming once you wake up, not while you are dreaming. And every nice memory has a bright and dark side, like day and night, like the sun and the moon. This is how Luna came to light.
Director, Cinematographer & Editor:  Júlia Bagaria 
Dancer: Irene González 
Music: Hannah Parrott
Special thanks to Ajuntament de la Garriga, Mariusz Stankiewicz and Neus Portet


Winner at 3 Minute Film Festival / Europa Film Festival 2021
Honorable mention at ARFF Barcelona 2021
Selected at Choreoscope Barcelona Dance Film Festival / Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions 2021​​​​​​​

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